Printing Custom Face (Mask) Covers

Customize Face (Mask) Covers

 We have a Standard size mask that measures 8 inches wide and 4.5 in height and XL size mask that measures 9 inches wide and 5 inches height. They are hexagon in shape.
These are NOT medical grade face mask.


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Here are some Masks from our shop!

Take A Look At These T-Shirt And Face Cover Combos

Take A Look At These Face Covers

Kids Mask

3.5″ tall x 6.5″ wide

Standard Face Mask

4.5″ tall x 8.5″ wide

XL Face Mask

5″ tall x 9″ wide

Filtered Face Mask

7″ tall x 4.75″ wide


Our Custom Kids Face Masks are $10 each.

Our Custom Standard Face Masks are $15 each.

Our Custom XL Face Masks are $20 each.

Our Custom Face Masks with a filter pocket and 1 filter and ear adjusters are $20 each.

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